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Project IQ supports the implementation of voluntary male medical circumcision (VMMC) by standardizing quality approaches and building capacity for improved timeliness, accessibility, actionability, and quality of VMMC data, and hosts periodic webinars convening VMMC field staff and implementing partners to discuss essential topics for maintaining and improving the quality of services.

Our Resources

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  • Project IQ Webinar – In Pursuit of the Pivot: Reaching and Serving Clients Aged 15-29 Years
  • Provider Verbal Pre-Screening Questions for Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision
  • Project IQ Webinar – A Healthy Obsession with Safety: Improving Programs through Management and Reporting of Adverse Events
  • 3 Questions for Safe Injections/Injection Do’s and Don’ts
  • Managing Adverse Events of Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC): An orientation for non-VMMC providers
  • Injection Safety For VMMC Service Delivery
  • Project IQ Webinar: The Men of our DREAMS
  • Project IQ Webinar: A Common Goal
  • VMMC skin preparation and wound care to reduce the risk of infections and tetanus
  • Introduction and Use of Reusable Instruments in Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Programs
  • Preliminary Report: Insights from Field Introduction of “Smart” Syringes for Enhanced Safety in Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Programs 
  • Project IQ Webinar: Emerging Issues in VMMC Safety
  • Technical Implementation Considerations for Early Infant Male Circumcision Programs
  • External Quality Assurance (EQA) and Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Tools
  • Men Along the Last Mile: Targeting VMMC Services by Location and Population to Reach Saturation
  • National Guidelines on Tetanus Prevention in Kenya
  • EIMC Package for training HCWs in Kenya
  • Introducing New Resources for Demand Creation and Quality Management
  • Adverse Event Action Guide: For VMMC by Surgery or Device, 2nd edition
  • Planning for Greater Impact: Using Available Resources and Systems to Focus VMMC Programs
  • Virtual Roundtable on ShangRing for VMMC: Country Perspectives
  • Making Sense of Sustainability, Globally and Locally

Project IQ is supported by a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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